Monday, 11 March 2013

As the owner of an online business, one of the most irritating things you have to deal with is realizing that your website has problems. All the effort put into web design site will come to nothing if visitors cannot access your site easily or if you cannot do your work properly. Many online marketers select a website hosting company only because it is cheap; this is so that they can reduce the cost of doing business especially during the crucial initial stage. However, there are quite a few problems that you might face if your web hosting company is not good and these problems will have an adverse impact on your business.
1. Your website is offline often: This can kill your business very quickly because visitors who have gone to the competition because your site was unavailable are very unlikely to come back. Further, your site might not get indexed because of this reason. You need to be very vigilant about this, especially by checking your DNS settings from time to time. It is best to deal with a web host who offers you a money back guarantee that your site will always be up.
2. The Server is very slow: This too can be very irritating for a visitor who will just respond by clicking the back button. Keep in mind that people have very little patience while using the internet. You'll need to find out beforehand what kind of server your web host has and how many sites you will have to share bandwidth with.
3. You do not have sufficient email addresses: This is generally determined by the kind of package you opt for. Some web hosts offer unlimited number of email addresses for a reasonable monthly package. Even so, if you want to start off with fewer email addresses in order to keep the cost down, you ought to be able to scale it up when you require it.
4. Certain features are missing: If you are not experienced at doing business online you might not even know what features you require. Further, each web host offers different features. Be sure to check this carefully before deciding upon any particular web host. You should also contact your host in order to ask for specific things. Many hosts are willing to offer customization right at the time of web development.
5. You do not get the technical support you need: This can be really very irritating since you have a business to run and might not have the time to chase behind tech support whenever your site has problems. Be sure to only deal with a company that allows you a lot of access to it in the form of email addresses and telephone numbers.
As you can see, you need to do a lot of homework before you select any particular website hosting company. This will enable you to focus on expanding your business. Be sure to deal with a company that responds well to your needs and works with you to make your business successful.
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